Governance and Leadership

Here you’ll find information regarding your WEA Representatives, elected leadership, and the structure of our organization.  For more details, members should check out the password protected members only section.


The WEA Congress is the legislative body of the union. It is comprised of the building reps, the Trustees, and the MEA & NEA Representative Assembly (RA) Delegates.

Your building reps are an important source of information. Building reps are elected at the beginning of the school year and hold office from September 1 through August 31 of the following school year.

Click here for a list of the reps for each building

Board Of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the executive body of the union. It is comprised of the President, Vice President, Congressional Trustee, Zone Trustees, and the Executive Director. All members are elected for two-year term, with the exception of the Executive Director who is hired by the Warren EA and the Fitzgerald EA.

President – Bob Callender June 30, 2025
Vice-President – Lisa Sikoski June 30, 2025
Congressional Trustee – Christy Stone May 31, 2024
Zone 1 – Karen Kuciel October 31, 2023
Zone 2 – Frank Franczyk October 31, 2024
Zone 3 – Scot Acre October 31, 2023
Zone 4 – Andrew Rybarczyk October 31, 2024
Executive Director – Patrick J. Rorai Hired September 5, 2017

Bargaining Team 

The bargaining team represents the WEA during contract negotiations. It is chaired by the President and reports to the Board of Trustees, Congress and the membership. Members of the WEA Bargaining Team are appointed by the WEA President and approved by the Board of Trustees and Congress.

Bob Callender – WEA President
Lisa Sikoski – WEA Vice President
Christy Stone – Wilde E.S.
Mike Madley – Cromie E.S.

Patrick J. Rorai – WEA Executive Director

Bargaining Input Team
Melissa Bielski – Lean E.S.
Ashley Shosey – Wilde E.S.
Tonya Coffin – Grissom M.S.
Heather Grimm – Carleton M.S.
D.B. Brown – WMHS
Joe Stonchus – WMHS
Jamie Hilliard – MMSTC

Board of Reference

The Board of Reference is the judicial body of the WEA. It consists of five “judges” appointed by the President, and approved by the Congress each June. These judges serve three-year, staggered terms. They handle any disputes that come up within the union.

Chairperson – TBD

Carl Taylor – SHHS – Term ending – June 30, 2024
Victor Kolpak – WMHS – 
Term ending – June 30, 2024
Christie Warchol – Cromie E.S. –
Term ending – June 30, 2025
Stephanie Bommarito – Beer M.S. –
Term ending – June 30, 2026
Kerri Collier – Beer M.S. – Term ending – June 30, 2026

MEA RA Delegates

R.A. stands for Representative Assembly.  These positions are elected in the March General Elections for 2 year terms that run from September 1 of the year elected through August 31 two years later. Over the course of your term, delegates are expected to represent the Warren Education Association at the MEA Representative Assembly meetings held in Lansing in the spring. Each of these meetings will take place in Lansing. In addition to the two MEA RAs that are held during the term of office, RA Delegates serve as the WEA’s delegates to Region 6.  Region 6 typically meets four times a school year at Anchor Bay Middle School North. These meetings take place once in each of the following months: October, December, January, and March.

NEA RA Delegates

These positions are elected in the March General Elections for a 2 term that begins July 1 through two years ending June 30.  Over the course of the term, the NEA RA Delegates are invited to attend the NEA Representative Assembly will be held annually at the end of June/beginning of July in various locations.

Currently, the Warren Education Association reimburses delegates to partially cover the cost of attending the NEA RAs. The WEA understands that delegates may not be able to attend due to the dates or cost of attending.

Independent Michigan Political Action Committee of Teachers

IMPACT is the political action arm of the Warren Education Association and Fitzgerald Education Association. It is governed by its own board of trustees, who are elected by WEA and FEA members to alternating two-year terms. They make decisions about supporting candidates and issues that impact all or our lives as public education employees. See the IMPACT post for more details