WEA Scholarship Foundation

2022 Reverse Raffle Scholarship Event: was a great success, thank you for all your continued support. We hope we can count on you once again in 2023, be sure to check back in January!  Here are April 29, 2022 drawing results: 

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More About our Scholarship Foundation

The WEA Scholarship Foundation (WEASF) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity established by the Warren Education Association in 2008.

The purpose of the WEASF shall be to provide scholarship opportunities to graduating seniors from Warren Consolidated Schools including:

  • Three scholarship opportunities, including one at each of WCS three comprehensive high schools: Cousino, Sterling Heights, and Warren-Mott
  • One scholarship opportunity at WCS Community High School
  • One scholarship opportunity for Career and Technical Education students in WCS. This scholarship was started in 2018 in memory of long time WEA President Robert Naski who passed away in 2017.  Mr. Naski was a Mathematics and Career Technical teacher in his long career with WCS while also serving as WEA President for over 8 years prior to his retirement.

The goal is to recognize and reward those students who have an immediate family member in a labor union, planning to attend a public institution of higher education, and meeting qualified levels of achievement.

The Trustees and Registered Agents of the WEASF are:

  • Robert Callender – President
  • Lisa Sikoski- Vice President
  • Christine Stone- Trustee
  • Karen Kuciel- Trustee
  • Patrick Rorai – Executive Director (Registered Agent)

The fundraising and scholarship selection process is overseen by a committee appointed by the WEA President and approved by the WEA Congress.

When available the WEA Scholarships applications can be found below.  The deadline for applications is the second Wednesday in April.  Questions about the application can be directed to John Rauchman at jrauchman@mea.org  

Applications: Check back for 2023 Applications around January 2023